Foreign drivers - welcome!

Accept the challenge, prove yourself at the track and become a Latvian Rallycross champion!

From 2019 season, Latvian Rallycross championship is also open to foreign athletes who have a licence for an athlete issued by their country. This is a big change, because now participants from other countries can get championship points and fight for the champion title in Latvia.

Changes to the FIA Sports Code have been made to increase competition at national championships, allowing athletes from different countries to compete with domestic drivers and making sporting events even more exciting for both drivers andspectators.

Ivo Traubergs, Latvian Rallycross championship organizer: “Thanks to these changes, foreign athletes will also be able to participate in Latvian Rallycross championship season (gainchampionship points), which will clearly raise the sports quality. Our team is already actively working to see the athletes of neighbouring countries during the 2019 season of the Latvian Rallycross championship and following years!"

2019 Latvian Rallycross championship season

Also this year, the rallycross competition in Latvia will take place as a championship. Five stages of the competition are scheduled:

  1. First stage - Latvian Rallycross championship, NEZ Crosskarts:4, 5 May "Bikernieki Racetrack", Riga;
  2. Second stage - Latvian Rallycross championship: June 15 "Baroni", Jekabpils;
  3. Third stage - Latvian Rallycross championship, Baltic RX Cup:6, 7 July "Bikernieki Racetrack", Riga;
  4. Fourth stage - Latvian Rallycross championship: 17August (the place will be clarified);
  5. Fifth stage - Latvian Rallycross championship: September 8 "Mūsa Raceland", 

In the 2019 season, three new classes have been created parallel to the Latvian Rallycross championship: BMW RX 3000 and popular crosskart classes in Europe: CK650 un Xtreme.

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