Bikernieki Motorsports Festival will gather athletes and spectators on July 5th

The worldwide announcement of the Covid-19 pandemic and the state of emergency in the country has also led to unpredictable changes in motorsport events, not only in world competitions, but also in domestic championships. Latvian rallycross competition organizers have made a number of decisions for the 2020 season.

Janis Bergs, organizer of the Latvian Rallycross Championship: "This is the fifth anniversary of the team working to ensure that not only the national rallycross championship takes place in Latvia, but also the Baltic and Nordic Championships.In mid-March, we realized that this season would come with changes and challenges, as the current situation in the country and around the world overshadows the hopes of implementing the planned seasonal calendar. I would like to emphasize that the season is not canceled, but that it will be changed - everyone will have to adjust, but I think that is not an impossible task. I would like to remind you that it is important to respect the restrictions now, in order to prevent the spread of the virus, we must be responsible to ourselves, our loved ones and others who are most at risk in this situation,” emphasizes Janis

It was planned to open the season on May 2 - 3 at the Bikernieki Motorsports Festival, but in this situation the organizer is forced to make changes to the competition calendar. "Bikernieki Motorsports Festival" is reorganized to maintain the international competition in Latvia, it is moved to July 5, the venue remains unchanged - Bikernieki racetrack. The competition will be attended by athletes from NEZ Crosscart championship and Latvian Rallycrosschampionship.The planned round of the NEZ Baltic rallycross championship is being postponed to September 5 - 6, this year, to the race at the legendary Bauska track "Musa Raceland."

The organizers of the Latvian Rallycross championship are doing their best to make this year's season a complete one by passing all five stages of the competition. Possible changes to the rest of this season's race will be decided according to the national situation, if necessary.Please follow the official information at, as well as the social

Event calendars after changes:

Latvian Rallycross championship calendar:

Stage 1 - May 24 / Jekabpils, Baroni

Stage 2 - July 5 / Riga, Bikernieki

Stage 3 - August 15 / Lithuania, Vilkyciai

Stage 4 - September 5 - 6 / Bauska, Musa Raceland

Stage 5 - The venue and time will be specified

 NEZ Baltic Rallycross championship:

Stage 1 - July 11 - 12 / Lithuania, Vilkyciai

Stage 2 - August 22 - 23 / Estonia, Kehala

Stage 3 - September 5 - 6 / Latvia, Bauska, Musa Raceland

NEZ Crosscart championship calendar:

Stage 1 - July 5 / Latvia, Riga

Stage 2 - July 25 / Finland, Oulu

Stage 3 - August 8 - 9 / Sweden, Arboga

Stage 4 - October 3 - 4 / Denmark Nysuma