Apply for the official test day before Mūsas Trilleris 05.-06.09 / Rallijkross, Autokross, Folkreiss. In test day you can refresh your driving skills directly at Musa Raceland track, where the race will take place. 

Registration HERE:

About tests:

  • August 30
  • Mūsa Raceland, Bauska
  • For Rallycross and Folkrace drivers: 12:00 - 15:00
  • For Autocross drivers: 15:00 - 17:00
  • The cars go on the track at a certain time interval
  • Participation fee 50 EUR
  • WITHOUT time control



Latvian Rallycross Championship goes beyond national borders - in the third round we will meet in Lithuania, Vilkyčiai


A two-day rallycross marathon will take place in Lithuania on August 15 and 16. The Latvian and Lithuanian championships will start on Saturday, but on the second day of the competition NEZ Baltic Rallycross. Competition will unite the best rallycross pilots from the Baltics and Northern Europe.


Jānis Bergs, organizer of the Latvian Rallycross championship: “Every year we try to offer athletes new opportunities to test their driving skills. We have included a stage outside Latvia in the calendar of the 2020 competition season, for the first time the Latvian championship will take place in Vilkyčiai, Lithuania. The track of the neighboring country is licensed by the FIA (Federation Internationale de I’Aitomobile) and there have also been competitions at European level in the past, so we are convinced that the decision to organize round there has been the right one. Next week's round will be the third of the four planned for this season, time is flying fast, but we are preparing for the powerful end of the season, which will take place at the beginning of September on the legendary Mūsa track in Bauska - as usual, we will combine all cross-country disciplines.”


Race programe:

Saturday (August 15 - LRX, LTRX)*:

09:00-09: 45 / Free practice

10:10 / First qualification

11:50 / Second qualification

13:55 / Third qualification

15:35 / Semi-finals and Finals

18:00 / Prize giving

Sunday (August 16 - NEZ BRX, LTRX)*:

08: 00-09: 00 / Free practice

09:25 / First qualification

11:00 / Second qualification

13:10 / Third qualification

14:45 / Semi-finals and Finals

17:30 / Prize giving

* LRX - Latvian Rallycross championship, LTRX - Lithuanian Rallycross championship, NEZ BRX - NEZ Baltic Rallycross championship


Tickets for the competition can be purchased in pre-sale at, as well as during the competition at the venue. We remind you that the number of tickets is limited, as well as please observe the restrictions set by the organizer during the competition, which are based on the restriction of Covid-19 distribution.

Registration for the race:

Supplementary regulations:



Overall standings after two rounds of the competition - TOP3:

Latvian Rallycross Championship:

LADA RX: 1. Edvards Egle 2. Mārcis Martinovs 2. Sigmar Tammemagi

Super 1600: 1. Juris Sīķis 2. Juris Narubins 3. Arnis Odiņš

Touring Car: 1. Jānis Ikers 2. Jānis Miščenko 3. Kaspars Fricsons

Junior: 1. Maiko Tamm 2. Maija Stakena 3. Joosep Ralf Nogene

Teams: 1. MKM Motorsport 2. OC Metal 3. Prospeed

Latvian Rallycross Cup:

BMW RX 3000: 1. Mārtiņš Prūsis 2. Dainis Valeinis 3. Edgars Valeinis

XTREME crosskarts: 1. Ronalds Baldiņš. 2. Markus Abram 3. Reinis Nitišs

OPEN RX: 1. Eddie Osh 2. Andrew Oun

CK 650 crosskarts: 1. Dāvis Tobias 2. Karl Martin Miliste 3. Laur Langeproon

Junior 1000: 1. Dainis Zemnieks 2. Rytis Gurklys 3. Skaiste Prasukaite


You can follow the news on the website, as well as on the social media @ and / @

Photo: Toms Paipals Photography, Kalvis Zaļaiskalns

More information:

Zane Lielkāja / Public relations

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel. No.: +371 26612249




Opportunity to cover motorsport event!


Media representatives, photographers, operators! 

We are fast approaching the second stage of the Latvian Rallycross Championship in Birži. We would like to invite all interested media representatives to cover the motorsport event. 

Media accreditation application here:

Media accreditation and safety rules:…/media-accreditation-and-safety-…


Test day at racetrack "Baroni"


Next weekend, on July 26, we will meet in 2nd stage of the Latvian Rallycross Championship in Birži.

Before the competition, the organizer SKN Sports offers athletes the opportunity to spend the official test day on the track "Baroni" right where the 2nd stage of this year's Rallycross Championship will take place. 

About tests:
Date - July 19
Racetrack "Baroni"
12:00-17: 00

Registration for the test day:

Don't forget to register for the day of the competition:


The second round of the Latvian Rallycross Championship will be held on July 26, in Birži


As usual, also this summer, at Birži in Salas region will be buzzing with the roar of engines. Very soon, on July 26, the 2nd stage of the Latvian Rallycross Championship will take place at "Baroni" racetrack.

On July 4 and 5, the Latvian Rallycross Championship 2020 season started at the “Biķernieki” racetrack. Also this year, recognizable athletes will gather on the "Baroni" racetrack in Birži, Salas region, and will provide spectators with an active and motor sports-filled Sunday. Among the participants we will be able to see several drivers recognized in the world of Latvian motorsport. Also, we will be delighted by the local Jēkabpils athletes, who have proven themselves both in the seasons of the Latvian Rallycross, as well as in the stages of the Latvian Rallycross Championship in previous years.

In recent years, work has been done on the reconstruction and improvement of the route. Additional new elements were built, asphalt pavement was restored, jumps were renewed, thus expanding the use of the track.

The organizers of the event promise that the range of activities of this race day will be enriched not only by dynamic car races, but also other entertainment for both big and small. Between the races we will be surprised by shows specially prepared for the spectators.

Event programme:

Subdat, July 26:

10:30    Opening Ceremony

11:00    Start on races

             1st and 2nd qualification

             3rd and 4th qualification

             Semi finals


From July 16, entrance tickets will be available for pre-sale at Astarte Nafta petrol stations in Birži, Jēkabpils, Viesīte and Aknīste. The price of pre-sale tickets will be 5 EUR. Entrance fee on the day of the competition - 7 EUR. For pensioners, the ticket price in advance and on the day of the competition is only 2 EUR. Children up to 1.5 m tall and group 1 disabled - free entrance to the event.

Astarte Nafta supports the 2nd stage of the Latvian Rallycross Championship. The competition is organized by: SKN Sports, and Salas novads. Official radio of the event: Radio1

Photo: For publicity

The information was prepared by:

Association "SKN sports"






Best lap times overall HERE. 

Best lap times in each group HERE.

All lap times of all drivers HERE.


Information for media representatives


Media representatives! 

It is only a little left until we meet in the first stage of this season's competition Biķernieku Motorsporta Festivāls 4.-5. jūlijs!

We invite media representatives: journalists, photographers, cameramen, as well as team representatives - to apply for media accreditation so that you can capture moments and emotions during the competition!

Accreditation application:

Accreditation and safety rules:…/media-accreditation-and-safety-…

See you in Biķernieki! 





Greetings to motorsport fans! 

We have noticed that many of you have questions about why the spectators will not be able to watch the competition on the first day of the "Bikernieki Motorsport Festival"!

July 4 is a day of remembrance for the victims of the genocide of the Jewish people, for this reason the Riga City Council does not issue permits for public events - events with spectators. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the load on the chosen track is heavy and this weekend was our only opportunity to organize a race - we all have to try to adapt!

We are waiting for all motorsport fans and Rallycross fans to attend the event on Sunday, July 5, we have prepared the second day of a powerful race for spectators to enjoy the event! 

The best news is that we will be launching the 2020 racing season very soon! 

Tickets are available here:

Additional information about tickets: Tickets must be purchased in advance - it will not be possible to do so at the competition venue. Please note that seats and tickets are limited. Spectators will have access to the "A" rostrum, where the seats will be numbered so as not to exceed the number of people allowed at the event. Ticket price: Adults 12 EUR, for persons in wheelchair entrance is free, children under 7 free (without additional seating) free entrance. We would like to inform you that according to the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic, tickets are sold in a 1 + 1 package.



The Council of the Off-road commission approves the renewed calendar of competitions for 2020


We will open the 2020 competition season very soon - get acquainted with the dates and mark it on the calendar - you must be there! 

The Latvian Rallycross Championship will be held in four stages - will start in the beginning of July in Riga, Biķernieki race track, but will finish in Bauska, at the Mūsa Raceland track in the beginning of September.

NEZ Baltic Rallycross Championship in three stages - the first race in July in Riga, followed by the stage in Lithuanian Vilkiči and the Estonian track - Kehala.

See you at the track!


Pre-season RX test day at Bikernieki race track


On the last Sunday of this month, June 28, there will be a pre-season test day at Bikernieki race track, which means that participants will have the opportunity to drive Bikernieki Rallycross track shortly before the start of the season, which is scheduled for 4-5. in July! Also, as before, we invite interested parties whose cars are not equipped with a roll cage - street cars.

Jānis Bergs, RX test and competitions organizer: “Before we start the 2020 competition season, we want to offer everyone who wants to drive, join another test day at Bikernieki Rallycross track! A great opportunity for Rallycross drivers to check the readiness of their sports cars for the competition season, but for amateur drivers this is one of the few opportunities to drive in this section of the Bikernieki race track.”

We will keep the same concept and group division: PRO (cars with a roll cage), AM (cars without a roll cage) and BUGGY.

The rules for the tests are currently unchanged:

  • In the track area, participants will be placed in groups of drivers (we would like to inform you that the track area is large enough to ensure a sufficient distance between groups). Each driver may be accompanied by one accompanying person - a mechanic;
  • When going from the service area to the track, drivers are fully prepared (helmet, gloves and other equipment), they do not get out of the car, do the distance at the track and return to the service area after the finish, only then drivers may get out of their cars;
  • These tests are intended only for participants and one accompanying person, fans or spectators are not allowed to come on this day!

 Registration is open here: Due to the limited number of test participants, please register in time.

For information:

Test run: 10:00 - 15:00.

The cars go on the track at a certain time interval.

Time control will be provided.

Participation fee: 80 EUR.

Timetable for tests:

09:00 - 09:40 Arrival

10:00 - 10:40 PRO + Buggy

10:40 - 11:00 AM

11:00 - 11:40 PRO + Buggy

11:40 - 12:00 AM

12:00 - 12:40 PRO + Buggy

12:40 - 13:00 AM

13:00 - 13:40 PRO + Buggy

13:40 - 14:00 AM

14:00 - 14:40 PRO + Buggy

14:40 - 15:00 AM

All participants need an insurance policy, which can be purchased online by writing to e-mail: [email protected]!

If you have any questions, call +371 26559111 - Jānis Bergs

Media representatives, photographers are requested to contact Media Coordinator Zane Lielkāja by writing to e-mail [email protected] or calling +371 26612249

Photo: Toms Paipals Photography




Best lap times overall HERE. 

Best lap times in each group HERE.

All lap times of all drivers HERE.

Photo: RallyEmotions / Egons Ansbergs